3 YouTube Videos You Can Make From Your Desk

Many of you are not utilizing the popularity and power of YouTube and I think it’s mostly due to two things; time and creativity.

Time:  Actually going out and taking a video of something, retaking it multiple times to get it right, editing the video, and then sitting through the upload process keeps you away.

Creativity:  You don’t know what to even shoot!  What to talk about, what to video, how to make it a good video, etc.

While listening to a recent podcast interview with Grant Cardone he spoke on this, especially on the excuse of time.  Listen to this for about 3 minutes: Eventual Millionaire – “10X Your Business with Grant Cardone”

You now have the time, right?  So now you just need some ideas.  That’s where I can help!  Here they are:

3 YouTube videos you can make right now

  1. Slideshow of Vehicles
    When you click UPLOAD on YouTube’s page it gives you the option to upload a video file OR a webcam capture, photo slideshow, or Google+ Hangout.  One idea is to create a video slideshow of your featured vehicles for the week.  Take the main photo of each vehicle and create a video using great SEO words to show off your featured cars for sale of the week.  YouTube even provides a database of music to add to the video.  Publish and post this video to your homepage of your website as well!
  2. Webcam FAQ Answers
    Turn the camera to yourself from your computer and simply speak on a certain subject that may be some of the FAQs you receive from customers.  You can then use quality keywords in your title and description of your video and even embed the video to your website on an FAQ page!  Do one of these a week to really increase traffic to your site and lower your website’s bounce rate.
  3. Google+ Hangout Screen Share (Advanced)
    Even if you don’t know what a Google Hangout is just consider it the easiest way to do a screen capture of your computer.  Use this new found feature to record your self navigating to your website and credit application to show potential applicants just how easy it is to apply for a car loan!  Another idea is to screen capture a Google Maps view of your dealership and give geographical info on how to find your dealership.  Again, tag the video titles with great keywords and let the videos start working for you!

    I made this in about 2-3 minutes

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