Stop Buying So Many Domains

Most of the calls I take regarding SEO and how to generate more traffic eventually lead to the question, “Should I buy domains with keywords?  Will that help?”  In that past I’ve been one to sit on the fence and explain how it probably won’t do much to help but it can’t hurt to try, etc, etc.  Well now I’m ready to get off that fence.

Image Courtesy of Shutterstock

Image Courtesy of Shutterstock

Don’t waste your money.

I’ve been doing research and reading other professional opinions on this and what I have gathered is that buying multiple domain names doesn’t do you a lick of good and can now, with Google’s new algorithms, start to actually hurt your rankings!  So if you are looking for ways to improve your SEO through the purchase of new domain names–Don’t waste your money.

I’m not done, though.  I have four ways that these domain names can work for you instead of against you!

4 ways to properly use multiple domains names

Note for New Businesses:  If you are just getting into business this will be very helpful for you to do from the start.
If you are like me and just have a stockpile of domains and want to get your $11/yr worth out of them, this will do the trick as well.

  1. Make your keyword friendly URL your main one

    Let’s say you want your business domain ( but you also have one like that you think can really help your SEO. Make that your main one and make your business name domain redirect to your main one.  Use the business one for something else like your emails.  Where have I heard this before?

    This is GREAT advice for new startups!  It’s really easy to start off this way than it is to restructure later because every site submission and social arena you get on offers you the ability to add your URL.  Using the SEO one from the start is a whole lot easier than trying to go back and update every site you’ve submitted to.

  2. Buy up the .Net, .Org, .Us, .Me ones to keep out competitors

    There’s nothing wrong with this. I do it myself. I also buy misspellings of my domain because I want to pull in all of those people looking for me that happened to get my domain name wrong.  Just be careful how you set up those domains after you buy them.  The best method is a 301 Redirect.  By doing a redirect you are telling Google (etc.) that the correct website is that-away and you lead them right to it. They won’t penalize you for duplicate content on different domains.  Here’s how to create a 301 on a Subdomain in Godaddy.  It’s the same process for the full domain.

  3. Make a new website out of it!

    Say you have three different keyword heavy domains. Take one or two of them and make a completely new website linking to your main one! How? Start a WordPress Blog with articles relating to your keyword topic that also provides many links back to your main sites. (Ex:  Ahem, this site you’re on right now…)

  4. Use it for advertising

    Dedicate one of your domains to one channel of advertising, like print ads. By doing this you will be able to trace specific traffic back to that advertising source.

Thoughts?  Advice?

Buying domains is fun, I get that.  Just be sure to use them properly to make it worth your while.  Need some advice or tips on a specific scenario you’re in?  Hit me up on chat or submit your question in the comments below!

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