How to Optimize Your Website for Future SEO

How to optimize your website for future SEO

Use sentences.  That’s really as simple as it is. The days of stuffing your website with keywords and links is gone. SEO is gone, in a sense, because that’s how we used to define it.  The new way to optimize your website is through quality content and natural language search.   This is where Google is taking us so be prepared by learning a little about what this looks like and how you can use it.

Two things you will learn from this article:

  1. What the heck I am talking about when I say “natural language search”
  2. How to use this information to optimize my website

What is natural language search?

Google is transitioning the way we all use search from keywords (old schoo) to natural language (new school) to improve search results and to weed out the bad, spammy, poor content sites.  Here’s how:

Old school:  KEYWORDS
Remember when the Internet search engines first hit?
You’d go to Yahoo and search with just keywords

Yahoo old search with keywords
Now to search you converse.  You talk and ask questions.  Sometimes literally!  (Siri, “OK Google”)
To better qualify sites that appear in the search results Google is starting to train us on using sentences to provide more specific details.

Google search focusing on natural language searches

The CopyBlogger article I referenced earlier says it pretty well:
“Over time, users will be retrained to avoid short simple keyword-ese type queries and just say what they want. Note that this evolution is not likely to be rapid, as Google still has a long way to go still!”

Google’s ultimate goal is provide the best solution to your need when you search.  The old keyword search could give you a website that simply had those words stuffed in to it as much as it could.  The new way is going to really analyze your site, your content, your authorship, your credibility before it puts you at the top.  So let’s be prepared!

How do I use this info to optimize my website?

Here are a few tips to begin the process of optimizing your site with natural language:

  • Create cleaner content

    Take out all of those keyword paragraphs, you know you have them.  Consider rewriting them with this new perspective.  Be descriptive with your sentences in a more natural way.

    Old:  Shop used cars, trucks, and suvs for sale in Charlotte, Concord, Matthews and surrounding North Carolina NC areas.
    New:  If you’re in the Charlotte area shopping for a used car come by and visit our dealership.
  • Consider an FAQ page

    If searches are going to pick up sentences and people are going to search with sentences then create a page that could very well host that exact question!  Find questions where you are the answer or you have the solution and start creating a page.

    Search:  What restaurant nearby has a good gluten free menu?
    FAQ Page:  Q: Do you have a gluten free menu?  A:  Yes!  We have a great selection of gluten free menu options…

    BONUS!  Create a video for each FAQ.  That’s huge for SEO!

  • Free Tool!
    Test your title text with this cool little emulator from

    Insert natural language into your metatags

    Each page title and page description needs to be written as if you were talking with a friend and telling them what the page is about.  They don’t care how many keywords you throw at them, they want a quality description and so does Google!

    Old:  Auto Repair Shop Charlotte Car Repair Store
    New:  Nick’s Auto Body Repair serving Charlotte since 1955
  • Short and sweet URLs

    Make your URL indentify the content that is on the page.  Keep it short and relevent.



It’s worth repeating when I say search engines are looking for quality content and answers to searcher’s questions.  Keep that in mind when you are creating content for any part of your website!  If you would like some help with your content or have more questions use the comment section below and I’ll be happy to respond!

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