Do These 4 Little Things to Boost Your SEO

used to have a favorite restaurant of all time, Magnolia Grill in Durham, NC.  The food was farm to fork with one of the best chefs around.  Every bite of my entree was filled with flavors you could taste individually and that combined into culinary perfection!  A friend of mine used to be a sous chef there and when the restaurant closed, because the owner/chef retired, I asked him why no one would keep the place running!  (I was devastated.)  He said it was because no one could maintain the quality of the food.  He went on to say how each dish wasn’t just a recipe, it was like 9 recipes to make one dish; a recipe for the sauce, a recipe for the spices, a recipe for the meat, a recipe for the vegetables, etc. | Brian Mueller | Brian Mueller

This is how SEO is created!

Sites you see ranked #1 on search engines are built through a series of small scale recipes.  There’s a recipe for your meta data, a recipe for your on page text, a recipe for sitemaps and robots and search engine submissions, and so on and so on.  All of the little things you do can seem insignificant, much like the sous chefs creating little parts of the overall entree, but when you look at the big picture you will see how a little work here and there can impact overall optimization.
In the spirit of this topic I have 4 little things you can do today that will boost your SEO.  They aren’t going to make or break you, they are going to add that extra flavor Google is looking for when ranking sites.  Add enough flavor and you’ll get crowned #1!

4 SEO Boosters:

  1. Different page title and page description on each page
    Make sure every page of your website has a page title and description and make sure it is different/unique to your other pages.  Google likes this and doesn’t want to see your ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ page both say the same thing.  Don’t harass them with keywords either.
  2. One YouTube video 
    If your business doesn’t have a video on YouTube you are missing a large chunk of your overall SEO.  I just ask you make one video, just one!  Need some ideas?  I have three videos you can make without leaving your desk!
  3. Make an FAQ page 
    People searching online are usually looking for answers.  What better way to get noticed by search engines then to answer questions people typically ask related to your business.
  4. Be active on social media
    Interaction with people on social media.  Post tips, answer questions, let it be known what you do.  Don’t sell on there just be the “go to guy” for you field!  That’s partly what I’m here doing don’t you think?  If you read these articles and then you or someone you know has questions about online marketing I could very well be the person you go to or recommend.  It’s not being sneaky or deceitful.  I’m providing value, I love doing this, and yes, it helps my business.  Now go do the same thing!

I know these seem too basic or too easy.  That’s partially the point.  You may have overlooked doing these things thinking it wouldn’t make a difference.  I’m telling you it all makes a difference just like my sous chef friend’s little creations helped make Magnolia Grill the best restaurant ever!  Man, I still miss that place.

If you have any comments or questions…or recommendations for great restaurants in the Raleigh-Durham area, please comment below!

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  • In support of the sharing the basics theme…I’m amazed at how often website designers and the software programs provided to non-pro’s don’t automatically include a page title tags. On page content and tags generally only factor in about 20-30% of what Google deems important but that is substantial if you don’t have the resources to invest in the other 70-80% of activities Google looks for. For you non pro’s, you can easily check your title tags on each page by right-clicking your mouse and choosing “View Source” . A new screen will open and you’ll see something like what I copied from this page here. Do These 4 Little Things to Boost Your SEO | SEO Car Dealer Websites. Your title tag resides between and and like Matt say’s, Google does like these to reflect the content of each page but do keep it short, somewhere around 70 characters.

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