How to Post Your Inventory on Pinterest

I used to be the “lot boy” for my dad’s dealership in the late 90’s.  I would come in during the summer and detail the cars.  There was nothing better than a freshly detailed car and snapping those first pictures on my 1.3 megapixel Olympus CAMEDIA!  After the photo shoot there was that high where you wanted everyone to see this car right away!  Well in 1999 there was no place really for me to post the pictures except on our website (yes we had a used car website in 1999!).  I think back to that time and know if I was doing the same job today I would want those pictures of my freshly detailed, ready for sale, cars anywhere and everywhere I could put it (without annoying my followers).  This is why I think adding Pinterest to your repertoire is a smart move and here’s why:

Why Pinterest?

  • Google indexes Pinterest – This means what you post can appear in search results.  That’s good for you.
  • It’s not annoying to followers – Because you create a separate “board” for your cars for sale you aren’t creating as big of a nuisance for your followers as you are when you use those other companies to automatically tweet and post every car you add to inventory.
  • It’s an open market – Not many are taking advantage of this and Pinterest has quickly become the 4th largest social platform!

Posting to Pinterest is Easy with DSMC

You may recall in a past article DSMC has social specific links which can provide you with analytics on click throughs from different social platforms.  Pinterest’s URL is[vin].  You don’t have to post through our software but when you do it will be easy to see if you get traffic flowing through from Pinterest.

How to Post

  1. Create a Pinterest Account
    You can do this within a couple minutes by simply creating an account using your Facebook account.  What’s good about this is when you do, all of your Facebook friends on Pinterest will also be notified of your new account and gaining some followers will be quite quick.
  2. Create a new Board called .Cars For Sale
    1. Click the + in the top right corner
    2. Click Create a Board
    3. Name it.  I suggest Cars for Sale or something similar.  I also put a period in front of the name so it’s first in my list!  Ex: .Cars for Sale
    4. Create a description
    5. For Category choose Cars & Motorcycles
    6. Yes to Add to Map if you will be adding pictures from your dealership computer.
    7. No to keep it secret.
    8. Click Create Board
  3. Post a Vehicle From DSMC 
    1. Open DSMC
    2. Click Inventory and Marketing
    3. Click lower tab Vehicle Details
    4. Click the share link Pin to Pinterest
    5. Edit the share information or just click Pin It
      How to pin a car to Pinterest

Final Words

You’re done!  As you add inventory simply open DSMC and in 4 clicks you can pin it to Pinterest.  I suggest you go back and manage the board a bit on a weekly basis or so to ensure your old inventory is removed.  I also suggest this being a small piece of your Pinterest activity!  If you plan to only use Pinterest for posting your cars for sale it will not be worth the effort for you.

Once your board is up and running you’ll have a nice gallery of your inventory for sale.  Now share your gallery (board) on Facebook and Twitter rather than posting your cars all the time.

Cars for sale Pinterest board example

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