It’s Time to Write Your FAQs: 9 Tips For Doing It TODAY!

9 Tips to Help You Write Your FAQs TODAYNot long ago I gave you 4 quick and easy SEO boosters.  #3 was to create an FAQ page.  Have you done it yet?  Didn’t think I’d follow up on you did you?  Well this one is so easy to conquer that I’m back with a few more tips so you can make it happen.  TODAY!  If you’re a car dealer be sure to download the resource at the bottom of this article for even more assistance.

Ideas on How to Find Topics for FAQs

  • Look at your most recent website inquiries or support tickets.  Answer those on your website.
  • Look at your website’s analytics and see what’s popular in searches.  Use those keywords discover what people are trying to find answers to and answer them.
  • Answer questions about your shopping/sales process
  • Answer questions about payment method/buying process
  • Why should someone buy from you?
  • Who are you?
  • Who is your typical customer (your avatar)?
  • Explain your products are and how they help?
  • Explain your USP (unique selling proposition)

That should at least get your creative juices flowing enough to pound out 4-8 questions.  Write them out in Word just to get them down and then send them to your web developer or copy and paste your FAQs directly into a blog post or your website.  Go get ‘em!

Something Extra for Car Dealers

If you would like some used car dealership specific FAQ questions download our Free PDF entitled What Your Customers Want to Know About You Before They Buy

Show Us Your Stuff!  Post a link to your FAQ Page!

After you create your FAQ page post your link in the comments below!  Show us you’ve done it or ask us for feedback!  Let’s help each other and learn from one another to better ourselves.

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