Feed Now Sends 3 Times a Day!

CarsForSale Feed 3x a DayA recent request to has now been fulfilled.  Dealer Solutions Software and Marketing Center now feeds to three times a day!  The feed times are 5AM, 11Am, and 5PM everyday.

What does this mean?

Before today we were only sending your inventory to once a night and they were only processing the file once a night.  Now your inventory updates from normal daily activity in Dealer Solutions will get updated on three times a day.

Edit a car, sell a car, add pictures, etc in Dealer Solutions and it will update on CarsForSale at 5AM, 11AM, or 5PM.

In other words if you sell a car at 2PM it will be off sometime around 5PM.  If you add pictures first thing in the morning they will appear on their website around 11AM.

No more waiting for the next  day!


Have another request?

We are always looking to improve our data feed services and provide you with the best value and solution.  If you have any requests or ideas on how we can improve your data feed service please leave it in the comments below!