Complete Guide to Creating a Custom Dealership Website

Follow along with me as I help William Franklin at Jordan Motor Cars in San Antonio, Texas generate more leads and more traffic by creating him a fully custom car dealership website.

Through this series of 7 articles I will detail the following:

  • How I start:  Choosing a design and theme
  • How I brand:  Creating a unified message
  • How I write:  Generating content for the site
  • How I boost:  Focusing on search engine optimization
  • How I personalize:  Going above and beyond
  • How I mobilize:  Making the experience mobile friendly
  • How I market:  Utilizing external forces for SEO

What you will learn:

William was kind enough to give me complete control over his website;  design, layout, theme, and content.  Essentially you are going to see what I would do if I made a dealership website for myself!  As I walk through each step in the process I will explain why I made certain decisions.  This will give you a brand new perspective on content creation and design.  There will be plenty of takeaways for you to put in place on your site or have a better idea of what you want out of your site when you hire someone.

Ready to get started?!  Let’s go!


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