Boost Your Presence on Facebook with a FREE Inventory Tab

If you have a Facebook page you need to take advantage of our Facebook Cars for Sale Tab for no additional charge.  Display your inventory on Facebook just as you see here:

Customers will be able to click this tab and view all of your current inventory right on Facebook!  Note: this does not work on mobile Facebook.


  • Gives your inventory more exposure
  • Click throughs from Facebook to your landing page are collected for reports
  • Provides an easy way to get “Likes” if you send people to your Facebook page to view your inventory
  • It’s easy to do because we do it for you 

How it Works:

  1. Email to like your page or invite Matt Kelley Kgi to like your page
  2. Once he likes your page go into your page settings (while under your page account) and make Matt Kelley Kgi or an Admin
  3. Once we receive the invite we will accept, setup your inventory tab, then remove ourselves as an Admin