Why Your Business Needs 2 Domain Names

I remember living in Charlotte, North Carolina back in the late 90’s when we added a second area code (980). As soon as that took effect if I wanted to call a friend in the 704 I had to now dial 7-0-4-…before their number.  Man that felt like the end of me being able to make phone calls.  I was never going to remember 10 digits and which friend’s phone number was which area code!

This same transition is happening with domain names as well.  So many domains are being purchased they are releasing new generic Top Level Domains every year, it seems.  Soon they will even have .sell, .auto, and more!  The .COM gTDL, which has been around since 1984, is getting harder and harder to come by.  We are constantly trying to find short .COM domains for our customers and finding the task difficult with out adding “shop” or “buy” or “NC” or similar suffixes and prefixes.  Because of this many businesses have implemented a new plan of attack that can easily work for your business as well!

Own two domain names!

Get a short one and get a long one, it’s that simple.  Let’s take a look and see what purpose each of these domains serve.

1st Domain: Get a long descriptive domain name

This domain name will serve as your main, canonical URL, which all website traffic will flow to.  Don’t be afraid if this one is long or hard to spell.  You will also use this domain for the purpose of search engine optimization!  Plaster this domain on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and any other profile page you may have.

Here are the keys to picking this URL

  • Include all or part of your business name (K3Automotive, ReliableAutos, DougsUsedCars)
  • Include any keywords (cars, sale, auto, used)
  • Include a geographical keyword (Charlotte, NC, downtown, OakStreet)

Now put it all together:  www.K3UsedAutosofCharlotte.com.  That’s too long right?  Can’t fit on a business card and NO ONE will remember it will they?  Now can you guess what the second domain is for?

2nd Domain: Get a short domain for print advertising and email

This domain needs to be short and sweet.  The shorter the better and .COM is preferred because it doesn’t require extra memorization when you tell people your website or email address.  Don’t worry about meeting any of the criteria for the long URL.  For this one just chop chop chop until you are as short as you can get.  That is why we own www.k3auto.com and www.kgi.co and you can email Matt@ either of those and get me.

QUESTION:  What if I already have a domain?  Can I still do this?
Yes!  You may not want to change your current URL but you can add these 2 types of URLs and begin implementing them.  I know with our website services we would be happy to help work you through that process at not additional charge.  These additional domains do not have to be managed by your website provider either.  They can simply forward to your current URL until you are able to transition your online advertising to the longer SEO friendly URL.

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