COMING 12/3! What You Need to Know About the Latest DSMC Update Before You Use it!

A new version of the DSMC BETA will be released very soon but before it does you will need to understand how all of the new features will help make your life even easier!

Edit Your Own Templates!

You can edit our preloaded templates or create your own from scratch!

You can now edit the preloaded templates or create your own from scratch!  Anytime you create or edit and save a new template it will be called CUSTOM followed by a number.  So if you edit or create 4 custom templates they will appear in your list starting with CUSTOM1 and ending with CUSTOM4.

Because of this new feature we are doing two things with the templates:

  1. We are getting rid of all but 3 or 4 of our preloaded templates.  You don’t need us for templates anymore.  You will want to edit ours and make your own.
  2. We are adding a template called EVERYTHING which will have almost every field you can put in your ad.  This way it will be easy for you to remove the things you don’t want to display and save it as your own custom template!

One last note.  Templates are stored on your computer only.  This means if you have DSMC on 3 computers each computer you will need to create whatever custom template you have created.  Want a semi-shortcut way to do this?  Email me and I’ll let you know

Watermark, Info, and Spec Images!

We’ve been waiting for this haven’t we?  We now have watermarks and info cards you can choose to display on your ads.  To choose which color scheme you want go to the homepage of DSMC under Basic Export Settings.  Here are a few examples of the watermarks and info cards:

–  Multi color choices
–  One full color scheme of images
–  How it will look on Craigslist

What each setting means:
Add watermark to all pictures:  All pictures get a top and bottom colored banners with contact info displayed.
– Use short URL:  Instead of your website URL this puts a short URL making it easy for shoppers to type in their browser.
– Use info card:  Add a picture that clearly explains to shoppers how to get more info with the short URL.
Use specs and details card:  Use one of the 12 images to upload vehicle specs.
Use dealership info card:  Use one of the 12 images to display dealership contact info.

Introducing CARDEETS.COM

We’ve been developing a new technology since April of this year when craigslist announced they would remove images in ads.  We predicted they would also soon stop links from appearing in ads so we created a short URL product that allows each of your cars to receive a 2-5 digit code called a “Deet ID”.  Since links are no longer accepted the only way for customers to see more information about the vehicle they are viewing is to copy/paste the URL you provide or type it directly into their browser. The main problem with this is that traditional URLs are too long! Copy/paste is almost impossible from a tablet or smartphone and typing in a long URL leaves too much room for errors and frustration. With a Deet ID such as 19T, a customer can easily copy/paste a short URL (ex: or go to and enter the easy to memorize Deet ID 19T. This is the BEST way to direct a customer to the specific car they are interested in on your website.

Let’s compare how your links will look vs. other dealers

The Others
Copy / paste this link for more information:
Your CarDeet Ad
For more info and details go to:

The shopper can now easily memorize this and type it in – OR –  They can go to and type in 19T – OR – They can copy and paste the link.  This provides the shopper with more options and that will increase the likelihood they will navigate to your vehicle detail page.

Other Reasons Helps

The Deet ID is displayed in step 2 of the Export process

–  Copy and paste is hard on a tablet and phone.  Much easier to type in the URL for more info.
–  It’s short so it’s easy to put on your watermarks and keep it out of your ad text (prevents flagging/ghosting).
–  It’s better than putting your website because it takes shoppers directly to your landing page.
–  It can be used in other mediums even in emails or texts or over the phone for customers.
– is mobile friendly.  It’s a website app capable of putting an icon on shopper’s iPhones.
– Future expansion will include custom Deet IDs for cars such as

Automate New Payment Process Through Craigslist

Since Craigslist is going to charge $5 per post you will be required to enter your credit card information with every ad you post.  We are currently working on automating this process with credit card information that will be stored in DSMC.  We will not have your credit card information stored on our server and your information will be password protected!  Each time you open DSMC you will be required to put in your payment password or your credit card information will not be pulled to your ad.