How to Use Subdomains to Link to Valuable Content and 5 Practical Uses [Fun with URLs Part 1 of 3]

How to use Subdomains to Create Shortcuts to Valuable Content on the Web

How often are you talking to someone, texting someone, or advertising somewhere trying to direct people to a specific page on your website or an outside site?  For instance, if I wanted to show off our Facebook inventory pages I can’t tell someone to go to  I’d have to instruct them to “Go to Facebook > search Car Dealer Software > click the View Inventory button”.  Why not just tell them to go to  Now you can!  Use subdomain forwarding to provide your customers/viewers with easy to remember URLs to hard to find specific webpages.  After the instructions you will find 5 practical uses that I think will show you the value you in implementing this today!


Creating a 301 Forward Subdomain using

  1. Sign in to and navigate to your Domain Management page.
  2. Next to the domain click the green Launch button
  3. Go to Forwarding and click Manage
  4. This is probably your first one so click Add subdomain forwarding
  5. For Subdomain put the short url you want to use for the redirect.  In my example I made it fbcars.
    For Forward to: mark the URL http:// or https:// (Facebook is https://) then copy and paste the long URL you are looking to replace.
    For Redirect Type: choose 301 (Permanent)
    For Forward Settings: choose Forward Only.  I tried Forwarding with Masking but it would not work unfortunately.

  6. Now Save and with in minutes you can use your new subdomain to direct people to various content and resources on the web!

5 practical uses of forwarding subdomains:

  1. Sending people directly to a set of inventory on your website.  “Cars under $10K”:
  2. Tell people to complete a credit app at
  3. Directing people directly to watch a YouTube video:
  4. Liking your Facebook page:
  5. Asking shoppers to review your dealership on Google:

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