New Social Links Monitor Click Through Traffic

Today we have released new URLs that will allow you to post them to Facebook and Twitter in order to monitor click throughs generated from your posts!  Sounds complicated but it’s as easy as ever.  All you need to know is the URL to use (see bottom of this post) and the VIN of the vehicle you are sharing.

Here’s a quick “how to”:

Say you want to post a new vehicle you just got in or share it on someone elses wall.
– Go to your software or website and copy the VIN  
– Go to Facebook and in the Post box type then paste the VIN (see the image)

– Even though the link says that URL will redirect the user to your Landing Page you have set on your marketing account.

How to Track the Stats

– Now view click through stats open DSMC or go to
– Go to My Reports
– Go to Social Clicks under the Traffic Sources tab

– Here you can view click throughs for each vehicle.  Currently we only have stats for Facebook and Twitter but we are working hard to provide stats from other social platforms as well.  Look for that update to the reports soon!

A List of our Social Tracking URLs:

This probably goes with out saying but THEVINNUMBER should be replaced with the actual VIN# of the vehicle.  Definitely test the URL before you post it somewhere.  If it doesn’t work that vehicle may not be in our database yet.

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