How to Create Custom URL Redirect Links

In my previous post, Fun with URLs Part 2 of 3, I talked about the ‘WHY’ for creating URL redirects such as to connect with me on Facebook.  Now let’s talk about the ‘HOW?’

Creating URL Redirects with one of our Hosted Websites:

  1. Open DSMC or go to your page
  2. Under the yellow menu button go to My Website
  3. Under SEO SETTINGS click Custom URL Redirects
  4. Click Add a new URL Redirect
  5. Now create your Shortcut URL folder name and put in the full Redirect URL then SAVE CHANGES.
    In this example I am create a link that will display my cars priced under $10K
  6. Go back to the URL Redirect list and make sure your new URL shortcut is listed.  You will see it has a View Counter that is tied to it.  Anytime the short URL redirect is used it will tally as a view on that URL.
  7. Now test it!

Bonus Tip

In the example above I used a link that displays inventory for cars priced between $2 and $10,000.  To do this I went to my website’s inventory page and followed these quick steps:

  1. Click a price range in the drill down menu to the left of the vehicle list
  2. Go up to the address bar in your browser and find where it says &p1=NUMBER1&p2=NUMBER2 in the URL
  3. Swap out the values for p1 and p2 (min price range and max price range) to create your vehicle set.  This is the price range you want to display. The reason I said P1=2 is because I don’t want vehicles where the price is 0 (See Dealer!) or price is 1 (Sold!).
  4. Now copy and paste that whole URL into the Redirect URL field.


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