Spice Up your Marketing Images with Pic Monkey

You know why Instagram is so popular?  Because every post is an image or video.  When you look on Facebook do you stop for a long text post or keep scrolling until you see an image?  We live in an over stimulated and visual culture.  People want to take in information fast and move on.  The fastest way people take in info is through images.  If you need any more reasons to add text to your images here are a few:

Reasons to Add Text to Images

 The Easiest Way to Add Text to Your Images

By using PicMonkey.com you can quickly and easily add text over lay to your pictures.  I’m going to take a vehicle picture and spice it up using Pic Monkey to show you what it can do.

The BEFORE Picture

Pic Monkey Before Picture

Pic Monkey Walk-Thru

  1. Go to PicMonkey.com
  2. Click Edit a Photo
  3. Click Open > My Computer
    Go to Open > My Computer
  4. Locate, select, and open your image from your computer.
  5. Now start having fun!  The steps below are how I edited my picture.

Editing My Car Image Step by Step

  1. Clicked the Butterfly image on the Editor menu for adding Overlays
  2. Clicked the arrow next to Your Own and chose My Computer
  3. Located and opened my Demo Dealership Logo file
    Demo Dealership Logo added
  4. Still in Overlays clicked Geometric and selected the rectangle
  5. Then resized it to go across the top with a 75% Fade
    Rectangle overlay with 75% fade
  6. Right clicked the rectangle and selected Send Backward to put it behind my logo
  7. Clicked the Tt image on the Editor menu for adding Text
  8. Clicked the Add Text button and selected Arial Black as my font
  9. Used the text box on the image to type in my phone number then chose the color white and increased the font size
  10. To make the large font fit in the box I hovered the text box right edge and dragged it to make it a wider text box
  11. Then I repeated the same thing and made a smaller text box with a yellow color and really personalized my image!
    Personalized my image using my name in the call to action
  12. Clicked the Butterfly and selected Banners
  13. Chose the second banner and placed it at the bottom left with a 40% Fade
  14. Right clicked the banner image I just made and selected duplicate layer then moved the duplicate 10 pixels left and repeated a second time to create a third image layer
  15. Added text overlay for price and price description
    Price banner
  16. Added one more text box to list some of the vehicles features
  17. Clicked Save at the top of the image to save it to my computer

The Final Product!

Here is how my image turned out after about 5-7 minutes of editing using PicMonkey.com

Created text overlay to my image using Pic Monkey for Free!

Bonus Tip

Do multiple images back to back so you can reuse your template you just created!  Just click the Butterfly and the the top button that says Your Own to bring in the next vehicle image.  When you import the new image just resize it then right click it to Send to Back.  I did this 4Runner in about 2 minutes, just changing the price and vehicle description.



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