8 Ways to Claim Your Business on the Web [Free PDF Guide]

“I have a website.  Now how do people find me?”

This is something I get asked quite often.  There are two answers.  One is to give it time.  The other is to get listed on other websites and directories.  When you are looking for a place to eat do you drive around or do you google “restaurant in [insert city].”  Or do you open your Yelp app and read reviews.  Or do you go on Facebook and ask your friends where you should go?  OK, well the same is true no matter the business!  If someone is shopping for a car they will check out inventory sites and they will search “dealerships in [insert city]”.  They will also ask their friends on Facebook, read reviews, look on maps and apps, etc.

So then the question becomes, “How do I show up where shoppers are looking?”  This FREE eSource PDF guide is intended to give you a jumpstart specifically for that!

Free eSource PDF Guide Claim Your Business On The WebI have created the “8 Ways to Claim Your Business on the Web” PDF Guide

In this guide you will get the following:

  • 8 websites to add your business to
  • DIRECT LINKS to the sign up page for ALL 8 SITES
  • A brief background on each site and why you should be there
  • PDF formatted file so you can print, share, and help others


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