The Best Online Chat for your Website!

I have found the best live chat service that is easy to use, high quality, and FREE!

I get asked about adding live chat to my client’s websites pretty often.  My answer has always been to go find and sign up for a service then send me the code to get it added.  The reason for this process is to make sure they are serious about it, they know how to use it, and because it costs to have a chat service.  Until I found…
quick-signupI was shocked, for lack of a better word, when I signed up for and added this service to my website.  And here’s why:

  1. Extremely easy – I literally had this up and running in 5 minutes.  I signed up in about 30 seconds, I got the code, added it to the site, and created some customizations, then tested it.  Yes, literally 5 minutes.
  2. FREETotally 100% Free!  There is an upgrade package for $5/mo but even that won’t break the bank!  The free package just maxes out at 30 chats a month.
  3. High quality Usually ‘free’ comes at the expense of quality but this is not the case. It looks good, it has lots of customizations, and it’s user friendly.  I’m blown away.

Features you should definitely use when you sign up

As good as this chat program is out of the box there are a few things I would recommend when setting it up.

  • account-settingsCustomize the chat widget
    Go to Account Settings > Edit icon and go through the settings to personalize your chat box.  Give it some personality!

  • Get the App
    The app gives you two very valuable features.
       1.  Chat on the go!  Respond to visitors from your phone just like a text message.
       2.  Scheduled availability!  Set your ‘hours’ for your chat.  This is a killer feature because how often have you used a chat program where you forget to sign in and you are then unavailable all day.

  • Enable sound and desktop notifications
    The last thing you want to do is miss chats because you didn’t know someone was trying to reach you.  These settings (under Profile Settings) make sure you know when someone wants to chat.

chat-boxFinal thoughts about using chat on your website

  • If you are going to have chat on your website make sure you use it.  Constantly being unavailable is not a good first impression for visitors.
  • If you aren’t good at typing make an effort to turn your chats into a phone call.
  • If you use chat on the app don’t talk in short hand as if it is a text.  The visitor doesn’t know you are typing on your phone/tablet
  • If you schedule your availability and can’t be around be sure to go in and make yourself unavailable.  You don’t want leave people hanging.
  • If  When people are a little more blunt, shall we say, on chat be sure to keep cool and provide the best assistance you can.  Let your smile shine through to their computer screen!

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