Waiting Too Long to Respond? 5 Minutes You Can’t Afford to Miss

First 5 minutes Internet sales leadWhy do you have a website or any Internet presence at all?
Here’s why: To capture leads > to qualify those leads > to turn those leads in to sales > to make money.

Through this equation we see that Leads = Money.  This article will show you how Fast Responses = More Money!

I’ve done some research on the topic of website leads and response management and I want you to learn from this and improve upon your current process.

Do you respond to leads within 5 minutes of receiving an email lead?

Source: Forbes.com

A forbes.com article titled “When It Comes To Inbound Marketing Time Is Definitely Of The Essence” shows an alarming stat.  That you are 100x more likely to make contact with your lead within the first 5 minutes of submission than you are within just 30 minutes!  So a delayed response to a lead is going to decrease the likelihood of a sale by 100X in just a 25 minute window and even 3000X if you go longer than 5 hours!

Another alarming stat I read is that the average response time across all industries is 30 to 40 HOURS!  Ouch.

Do you know what that consumer can do in that 30 to 40 hours?  Buy from someone else, that’s what!

Other quick stats:
– Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days to contact leads
– 8-9AM and 4-6PM are the best times to call a lead
– After lunch is the worst time to call a lead
– After 20 hours every call your salespeople make actually hurts your ability to qualify a lead
(Source:  Forbes.com article)

Reasons to Call / Email Back Immediately

  • Knowing where your lead is.  The longer you wait to respond the less likely they are sitting at that computer or have your website up on their phone.
  • Knowing they haven’t made a decision yet.  The sooner you respond the less likely they are to have already made the purchase they inquired you about.
  • You are on their mind.  An immediate call back / email keeps your product or service fresh in their mind.  It also keeps the impulse buyer impulsive.
  • It’s impressive!  A quick response is the best way to make a first impression.  Shows you care, you’re professional, and you’re putting their needs first.

5 Steps to Quicker Response Times

  1. Have your email go to your phone
  2. Have your leads go to multiple people
  3. Have a canned response you can customize per lead.  This just gives you a starting point to make the response quicker to develop.
  4. Use website links to answer questions.  If you have the answer on your website, just send them the link instead of retelling it.
  5. Just have a process in place!  You can assign certain leads to certain people, take shifts for responding at night, or get software to help manage leads.  Whatever you do just have a process in place and begin to oil it until it’s fine tuned and pumping out sales!

How to Have Good Response Etiquette

  • If you email, make it personal.  Not a canned response the customer might think is an auto responder.
  • If you call get to a quiet, no interruptions, spot.  Goes along with staying professional.  Don’t call while you’re pumping gas.  Get in the car first and turn off the radio.
  • Don’t send a ‘text response’ email.  Example:  If someone inquires about the availability of your vehicle don’t email back “Yup, still got it.”  Instead take 60 seconds and write a response that will carry on the conversation.  “Hi Frank, thanks for asking!  Yes it’s still available.  How soon can you come look at it?  Please email me back or call me at 555-1212.  Have a great day!  Matt”
  • If the answer to their question is “no”, make it a “no but yes”.  Don’t just answer no.  You are trying to sell them!  Turn that no into a yes somehow!

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