New Social Links Monitor Click Through Traffic

Today we have released new URLs that will allow you to post them to Facebook and Twitter in order to monitor click throughs generated from your posts!  Sounds complicated but it’s as easy as ever.  All you need to know

How to Use Subdomains to Link to Valuable Content and 5 Practical Uses [Fun with URLs Part 1 of 3]

How to use Subdomains to Create Shortcuts to Valuable Content on the Web How often are you talking to someone, texting someone, or advertising somewhere trying to direct people to a specific page on your website or an outside site? 

Why Your Business Needs 2 Domain Names

I remember living in Charlotte, North Carolina back in the late 90’s when we added a second area code (980). As soon as that took effect if I wanted to call a friend in the 704 I had to now dial 7-0-4-…before

Taking Vehicle Pictures on your iPhone: Quick Tip

When taking pictures of your vehicles on your iPhone hold your phone sideways with the volume buttons on the bottom. This will ensure the best quality pictures and they will import right side up!

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