Twitter Tips: 4 Quick Ways to Attract Local Twitter Followers

Let’s be honest.  You want to find followers that are, or could be, potential customers!   The good news is anyone on Twitter most likely drives and is, therefore, in that category!  Here are a few quick tips on how to find

The Optimal Photo Sizes for Sharing on Facebook

Have you read this Facebook Developers article, “Sharing Best Practices for Websites and Mobile Apps” yet?  I just discovered some great insights for web developers and bloggers. When you are creating content for your business/blog you want it to be

25 Ways to Improve Your SEO on a Snow Day

For many of us snow days are slow business days.  These are my favorite days because it gives me time to do fun stuff like this! Take advantage of your snow day and give your SEO a boost.  As you will read SEO

Google Analytics, Facebook Referrals, HTTPS, and Answers

Published Sept 10, 2014: Do you study your Google Analytics for your website?  If you do you may have started to notice two things happening over the past 2-3 years. Google switched to HTTPS search thereby eliminating keyword data from

How to Post Your Inventory on Pinterest

I used to be the “lot boy” for my dad’s dealership in the late 90’s.  I would come in during the summer and detail the cars.  There was nothing better than a freshly detailed car and snapping those first pictures

3 YouTube Videos You Can Make From Your Desk

Many of you are not utilizing the popularity and power of YouTube and I think it’s mostly due to two things; time and creativity. Time:  Actually going out and taking a video of something, retaking it multiple times to get it right, editing the

8 Ways to Claim Your Business on the Web [Free PDF Guide]

“I have a website.  Now how do people find me?” This is something I get asked quite often.  There are two answers.  One is to give it time.  The other is to get listed on other websites and directories.  When you

Spice Up your Marketing Images with Pic Monkey

You know why Instagram is so popular?  Because every post is an image or video.  When you look on Facebook do you stop for a long text post or keep scrolling until you see an image?  We live in an

Maximize Your Brand Using Your URL [Fun with URLs Part 2 of 3]

Redirect Links are Pretty and Popular.  They are Pretty Popular! I don’t really know what to call them.  Vanity Links or Pretty Links or Custom Redirects.  Since I can’t define them by their name let me define them by their

See How to Schedule Facebook Posts on your Facebook Page

Stay connected with your Facebook audience even when you’re away In this video you will learn how to create a Facebook post on your Facebook page and schedule it to post at a future date and time. This is great

New Social Links Monitor Click Through Traffic

Today we have released new URLs that will allow you to post them to Facebook and Twitter in order to monitor click throughs generated from your posts!  Sounds complicated but it’s as easy as ever.  All you need to know

How to Use Subdomains to Link to Valuable Content and 5 Practical Uses [Fun with URLs Part 1 of 3]

How to use Subdomains to Create Shortcuts to Valuable Content on the Web How often are you talking to someone, texting someone, or advertising somewhere trying to direct people to a specific page on your website or an outside site? 

Boost Your Presence on Facebook with a FREE Inventory Tab

If you have a Facebook page you need to take advantage of our Facebook Cars for Sale Tab for no additional charge.  Display your inventory on Facebook just as you see here: Customers will be able to click this tab