Craigslist marketing made easy.

With sites like Craigslist charging dealerships to post cars for sale it is more important than ever that each ad posted maximizes its return. Our latest features meet those needs with time saving solutions that create professional craigslist ads!


Image watermarks and info cards.

Post your vehicles with eye catching watermarks which display dealership information and website address.  Include a picture of vehicle specifications and dealership contact information as well!  All images are professionally displayed with a matching color scheme of your choice!

 short links.

Post your vehicles with a Car Deets ID to make it easy for shoppers to type in to their browser instead of copying and pasting. Copy and paste becomes difficult with a long link and a touch screen tablet or phone. With Car Deets each vehicle has a unique 4-digit ID that is easy to remember and type into their browser. There’s nothing like this currently in the market! It’s easy for shoppers and provides analytics for you.



Customize your landing page.

Leads, leads, leads.
Online marketing is about generating sales leads.  This starts with driving customers to your website or landing page in order for them to contact you. We know this is important and because of that have put the power of the landing page in your hands.


Your ads can drive traffic back to your website, our in-house landing page, your Facebook page, YoutTube channel, a credit application…wherever you want them!



Create and customize your own templates.

We leave the customizing to you.
With a full list of data fields at your disposal you now have complete control over the layout and content your ads display. Start from scratch or edit one of our default templates.